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Hearing Impairment

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Nearly 30 million Americans have impaired hearing. The most common cause of hearing loss in children is otitis media. For the elderly-the largest group affected-excessive noise, drugs, toxins, and heredity are the most frequent contributing factors.

Hearing loss is a medical disorder. In a limited number of patients, it can be surgically corrected; medical devices and rehabilitation can substantially reduce hearing loss in the vast majority of patients who cannot be helped by surgery. The medical Read more […]

Hearing Loss Associated with Brain Shrinkage

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Hearing loss associated with brain shrinkage, with increased risk of dementia, falling, hospitalization and overall decline in physical and mental health. Article provided by Johns Hopkins Medicine 2014

Although the brain becomes smaller with age, the shrinkage seems to be fast­tracked in older adults with hearing loss, according to the results of a study by researchers from Johns Hopkins and the National Institute on Aging. The findings add to a growing list of health consequences associated Read more […]

Facts About Hearing Loss

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When a person speaks or something makes a sound it creates vibrations or movement of the air. This movement of the air enters our outer ear, through the ear canal and hits our eardrum which causes it to vibrate. The eardrum is connected to three small bones in the middle part of the ear and those also begin to move.

The last of the three bones is connected to the inner or nerve part of the ear. The inner ear is shaped like a conch shell and is filled with fluid and hair-like Read more […]

Doctor, why does my child’s Ear Ache?

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Insight into otitis media and treatments

What Is Otitis Media?
Otitis media means inflammation of the middle ear. The inflammation occurs as a result of a middle ear infection. It can occur in one or both ears. Otitis media is the most frequent diagnosis recorded for children who visit physicians for illness. It is also the most common cause of hearing loss in children.

Although otitis media is most common in young children, it also affects adults occasionally. It occurs most commonly in the Read more […]

How does an ear work?

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The ear has three main parts: the outer, middle and inner ear. The outer ear (the part you can see) opens into the ear canal. The eardrum separates the ear canal from the middle ear. Small bones in the middle ear help transfer sound to the inner ear. The inner ear contains the auditory (hearing) nerve, which leads to the brain.

Any source of sound sends vibrations or sound waves into the air. These funnel through the ear opening, down the ear, canal, and strike your eardrum, causing it to vibrate. Read more […]

Preventing Ear And Sinus Pain While Flying

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This information is intended to help you understand more about the ear or sinus pain that you are concerned you may experience on an upcoming airplane flight.

First, let us explain to you how ear pain occurs when the plane descends for landing. There is a tube that connects the back of your throat to the area just behind your eardrum that is called the eustachian tube. The eustachian tube function is to equalize the pressure in the air behind your eardrum with the air around you. Because Read more […]

Earwax (Cerumen)

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The ear canal is shaped like a funnel. The skin of the outer part of the canal has glands that produce wax, also called cerumen. The main purpose of the wax is to trap dust or particles to keep them from reaching the ear drum. The wax can hamper the growth of bacteria/fungus in the ear canal by making the environment more acidic. Most of the time the wax moves to the outside of the ear and dries, flakes, or falls out. This process can be likened to the movement of a conveyor belt with the wax being Read more […]

Serous Otitis Media

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Serous otitis media is the most common cause of hearing loss in children. Fortunately, the hearing loss associated with this condition usually is not permanent . Proper treatment restores the hearing to a normal level and prevents secondary complications which can give rise to a more serious problem. In order to better understand serous otitis media an explanation of the normal function of the ear is helpful.



To facilitate understanding of its normal function, the ear Read more […]

Outer Ear Infection(Swimmer’s Ear)External Otitis

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The ear canal is lined with skin that is very similar to the skin on the arm or anywhere on the body. Chronic exposure of the skin to water or to trauma such as that from Q-tips, bobby pins, toothpicks, or any such instrument can predispose the skin to infection by breaking through its outer barrier and allowing an infection to begin.


Outer ear infections can be prevented by avoiding trauma to the ear canal and keeping the ear canal dry. Avoid traumatizing the ear canal when it Read more […]

Swimmer’s Ear (External Otitis)

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WARNING: If you already have an ear infection, or if you have ever had a perforated or otherwise injured eardrum, or ear surgery, you should consult an ear, nose, and throat specialist before you go swimming and before you use any type of ear drops. If you do not know if you have or ever had a perforated, punctured, ruptured, or otherwise injured eardrum, ask your ear doctor.

Swimmer’s ear is an infection of the outer ear structures. It typically occurs in swimmers, but the since the cause Read more […]

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