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David Jacobs, M.D. (Internist, Washington, DC)

I am happy to offer a testimonial about my wonderful 2+ decades of collegiality with Michael Siegel, MD. Michael is the consummate professional. He combines a gentle reassuring manner with technical expertise and superiority. In all of our years together, having sent hundreds if not thousands of patients (including myself) to him for surgery, Michael has never had any serious complications. His patients have enjoyed enormous improvement in the quality of their lives. I recommend Michael unequivocally, without any hesitation. I only wish that I had such an outstanding professional in the other disciplines of medicine in my referral network. The fact that he has a significantly receding hairline in no way impedes his ability to be the best ear, nose, and throat doctor in America.

Samuel M. Rosenberg, M.D. (Pediatric Pulmonologist, Rockville, MD)

I have known Dr. John Bosworth for approximately 15 years. He is an extremely competent physician and I only get positive feedback from the patients that I refer to him. He is also my ENT which should speak volumes.

Norman Rosenthal, M.D. (Psychiatrist, Rockville, MD)

Dr. Michael Siegel combines superb modern medical expertise with what used to be called an excellent bedside manner. This old fashioned term is increasingly welcome in an era of depersonalized medicine. I count myself lucky to be one of his patients (and my sinuses agree!)

Alec Anders, M.D. (Family Practice, Germantown, MD)

To me, Dr. Bosworth and Dr. Siegel are the “Nordstrom’s” of ENT. “They provide the highest quality care and service”. When I refer patients there, I don’t have to question the diagnosis or more importantly, their integrity. They operate when it’s necessary but are conservative in their approach-something I appreicate. The fact that I sent my child there first for an opinion on a Tonsillectomy says everything.

Bradley Hunter, M.D. (Family Practice, Kensington, MD)

“I refer my patients to Dr Siegel and Dr.Bosworth because I know that my patiients are going to receive excellent care. There is a true sense of collaboration between our practices, and the great feedback we receive from the patients substantiates this fact”.

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