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Balloon Catheter Sinusotomy: One-year follow-up

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The preservation of normal structures, restoration of sinus ventilation, and physiologic mucous drainage are central, time-tested principles used in treating patients with sinusitis as reported by the leaders of the development of endoscopic sinus surgery, including Drs. Nauman, Messerklinger, Stammberger, and Kennedy over the last 40 years.

During this time, many instruments have been used to open obstructed sinus ostia including curettes, grasping forceps, probes, seekers, tissue-sparing forceps, and microdebriders.

Recently, a new device was introduced to accomplish this objective: a sinus balloon catheter. The balloon device is specially designed to microfracture and mold bone surrounding the sinus ostia by inflating to a specific diameter under high pressures. Recently, safety and outcomes of balloon catheter sinusotomy were reported with 6-month follow-up data on durability of the ostial dilation. Because it is important to monitor outcomes and safety after introducing new technology, this study was performed to provide additional data from 1-year follow-up of these original patients.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the durability of ostial patency and the patient’s symptomatic improvement, comparing the 1-year symptom data with the patient’s baseline preoperative and 24-week data. A secondary study objective was to gain insight into differences in postoperative debridement and antibiotic usage in patients treated with balloon catheter devices as compared with those historically achieved with endoscopic sinus surgery. An additional objective was to compare frontal sinus outcomes achieved with balloon catheter sinusotomy to outcomes achieved by endoscopic sinus surgery.

If you have recurrent sinus infections or chronic facial pressure, make an appointment to see if you would benefit from this life changing procedure.

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