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An adenoidectomy is performed for chronic adenoid infections or for an enlarged adenoid causing nasal obstruction and/or snoring. We use a microdebrider technique in most cases. This sucking, cutting device is very accurate and is used through the mouth to remove the adenoid. This technique minimizes bleeding and cuts down on the time spent in the operating room.

An adenoidectomy is generally not at all painful and patients are back to normal at the end of the day of the surgery. They can usually return to school/ daycare the next day. There are no restrictions. In our surgery center or in the hospital parents are allowed to be with their children when the anesthesiologist puts them to sleep. Parents are again with their children as soon as they are waking up. Parents can also rest assured that only Dr. Siegel or Dr. Bosworth are actually performing the procedures.

We do not use residents or surgical assistants. We do not work with nurse anesthetists. These board certified anesthesiologists are also “pediatric anesthesiologists” for our pediatric patients. Both Dr. Bosworth and Dr. Siegel have performed thousands of Adenoidectomies.

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