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What Makes Our Office Extraordinary

1. We have a fully functional Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system with electronic prescription capability.

Privacy is ensured with HIPPA compliance. There are no charts laying around the office with your social security number and medical history for all to see. An electronic record helps us to quickly remember your past and present medical problems as well as treatment you’ve received so far. This minimizes duplicate testing and ineffective treatment.

Often, before you leave the office, your referring physician has a copy of your visit with us in their fax machine. This leads to better coordination of care with your other doctors and hopefully improves outcomes. We can access your medical records when we’re on call. This makes your medical record more complete. Electronic prescribing allows you to immediately leave our office and go to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions. Drug interactions and allergic reactions are avoided with alert messages during the prescription process. Your chart is never lost. Interact with our office thru email. Access your own records and copy them thru our secure online patient portal. Prescription refills don’t require a phone call to our office. They are sent electronically to the physicians computer from the pharmacy. These are refilled if medically appropriate.

2. Both Doctors Siegel and Bosworth were voted Top Doctors in the Washingtonian magazine and Checkbook

3. We can review your X-rays and CT scans online making it unnecessary for you to drop off films for us to review.

4. Our surgery center is second to none.

5. Our physicians are leading experts in the treatment of chronic sinusitis, nasal congestion and snoring.

6. Our office staff are well trained, positive individuals whose goal is to make your visit easy. They are aware that you may be uncomfortable and will try to get you to see the doctors as soon as possible, if your problem requires it.

7. We have two well trained doctors of audiology on site with a fully equipped audiology suite.

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