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Surgery Center of Rockville

The Surgery Center of Rockville combines a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with the latest in technology and surgical expertise. We are staffed with highly trained perioperative professionals who have one goal in mind: to make your surgical experience as easy and pleasant as possible, while providing the highest level of care available.
As owners of the surgical center, we (Drs. Siegel and Bosworth) have taken the same high quality of care we practice in our office and extended it into the surgical suite. Unlike a hospital, we’re able to control the quality of your experience from registering through recovery. We’ve chosen the three best anesthesiologists from a very large local anesthesiology practice that provides anesthesiology services to most of the hospitals in the area. These highly trained physicians are the anesthesiologists most surgeons request when having surgery for their own families.

The surgical equipment that we’ve purchased for the center is the best money can buy. We have state of the art image guidance and endoscopic equipment for sinus and nasal surgery. Our center is the first in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to offer cutting edge balloon sinuplasty technology.

When having your surgeon perform surgery on infants and toddlers, our center functions second to none. Our expert staff coddles your child from the preoperative area, through surgery, and finally in your own private recovery room. Both parents can relax with their child as they recover (unlike many other surgical facilities).

Our center has one operating room, so that most days you and your child are the sole focus of the staff’s undivided attention. There’s no concerns about getting lost in the hustle and bustle of a busy hospital or large surgicenter.

We are very proud of our surgical center and our wonderful staff. We hope that you find it conveniently located (only 2 blocks from our office), as comfortable as possible, well-staffed by highly trained caring individuals, and worthy of any further surgical procedures that you or your family may require in the future.

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